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Routine Maintenance

  • Local Authority Roads – Local, Regional & National Routes
  • TII (NRA) Bridge Maintenance Programmes
  • Industrial & Enterprise Parks
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • National Parks

Mactar supports Ireland’s local authorities, providing an extensive range of services to support the Irish road network 24/7, 365 days a year. As great as a freshly laid tarmac or asphalt is, it is the consistent upkeep and management of it that makes all the difference. We’re proud that our clients trust us again and again to maintain their roads, bridges and facilities around the country. Our clients range from the private to the public sector and Mactar work to ensure local, regional and national routes are always up to the highest standards. Whether it’s an industrial estate, an enterprise park or a national park you can trust us to make up it’s routinely maintained to the best possible standard.

Depending on the needs of our client service this can include everything from routine maintenance of roads, street lighting and drainage to helping our clients to manage and improve their assets. This can mean improving the long term durability of roads to improving safety and visibility at key junctions. Once we work with a client we are proud to maintain that relationship with consistent and trusted upkeep of their assets.