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Car Park Resurfacing, Line Marking

Mactar has a wealth of experience and expertise in car park construction.


We offer a variety of solutions to look after all types of Carparks as well as refurbishing existing Carparks and updating

Or reorganizing line marking.


  • External car parks
  • Internal car parks
  • Car parks within occupied premises
  • Underground car parks
  • Internal stairs and stairwells
  • External stairs and stairwells
  • Car park ramps
  • HGV (heavy goods vehicles) service yards
  • Car park line markings
  • Anti-Skid Surfaces
  • Car Park Waterproofing


Asphalt has a longstanding history of serving as the primary choice for waterproofing and surfacing in multi-story car parks.


However, when signs of asphalt wear and tear begin to surface, taking action becomes imperative to maintain the structural integrity of your car park.

That’s where Mactar’s guaranteed asphalt overlay solutions come into play, offering a seamless car park refurbishment process with minimal disruption and a notable reduction in waste.


Safety is paramount in any car park environment, and subpar skid resistance, unclear markings, and ineffective directional signage can lead to accidents. The key to ensuring the well-being of both the structure and its users lies in a well-defined car park that boasts a heavy-duty, anti-skid surface.


At Mactar, we leverage a combination of industry-leading materials and design expertise, and an experienced workforce to create a safe, secure, and efficient car parking space.

Our robust waterproofing, surfacing, and protective systems not only maintain their appearance but also sustain their skid resistance over time,

reducing the likelihood of accidents and enhancing safety and ease of navigation for all users.


With three decades of asphalt overlay expertise under our belt and our wealth of knowledge, we’d be delighted to discuss any upcoming project in more detail.


Irrespective of the size or location of your car park, we can provide a comprehensive quotation for our Car park and car park line marking services.


At Mactar, we offer the highest quality car park lining marking materials. We possess the expertise to lay precise and durable car park lines on various surfaces,

whether it be tarmac, asphalt, or concrete.



Our Recent Projects

Car Park Resurfacing, and Car Park Line Marking in Ireland Car Park Resurfacing, and Car Park Line Marking in Ireland Car Park Resurfacing, and Car Park Line Marking in Ireland