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  • Road Construction – Local, Regional & National Roads
  • Road Realignments
  • Road Improvement Schemes
  • Emergency Road Stabilisation Works
  • Bitumen material make up & surfacing
  • Road markings

Mactar is equipped with the best quality equipment in Ireland for road construction. Our team has in-depth knowledge of road resurfacing, pavement design, earthworks, drainage, traffic management, road markings and everything that comes with constructing Ireland’s roads.

Mactar’s experience with local authorities, developers, civil engineers means we are confident in our abilities to create stable high-quality roads. Our previous projects range from Ireland’s motorways, national and non-national networks along with a vast range of private developments.

Irish Road Construction Contractor: 

At the heart of Ireland’s infrastructure landscape lies the expertise of road construction contractors. These professionals play a pivotal role in shaping the nation’s highways, byways, and thoroughfares, ensuring they meet the highest standards of durability, safety, and performance.
From initial planning and design to execution and completion, Mactar employs industry-leading practices and cutting-edge technologies to deliver infrastructure solutions that surpass client expectations.

Mactar: Your Trusted Partner in Road Construction and Resurfacing

With a proven track record of excellence, Mactar emerges as a trusted partner for road construction and resurfacing in Ireland. From initial planning and design to construction, maintenance, and beyond, Mactar remains committed to delivering outcomes that exceed expectations, enhance mobility, and foster sustainable development.

Comprehensive Services for Enhanced Mobility:

Road Realignments: Mactar specializes in road realignment projects, optimizing road layouts to enhance safety, traffic flow, and accessibility for motorists, and cyclists alike.

Road Improvement Schemes: From widening existing roadways to implementing traffic management solutions, Mactar undertakes road improvement schemes that enhance capacity, efficiency, and resilience in Ireland’s transportation network.

Emergency Road Stabilisation Works: Mactar provides rapid response capabilities for emergency road stabilization, and restoring essential lifelines with urgency and expertise.

Bitumen Material Make-Up & Surfacing: Mactar utilizes advanced bitumen materials and surfacing techniques to deliver durable, high-performance road surfaces that withstand the rigors of heavy traffic, inclement weather, and environmental factors.

Road Markings: Precision road markings are essential for guiding traffic, delineating lanes, and enhancing safety on roadways. Mactar’s meticulous approach to road marking ensures clarity, visibility, and compliance with regulatory standards.

For premier road construction and resurfacing solutions in Ireland, trust Mactar to pave the way to excellence.