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Anti-skid surfacing

Guide to Anti-Skid Surfacing

Anti-skid surfacing is utilized in various high-risk areas such as car parks, junctions, and pedestrian crossings, where increased surface friction and enhanced grip are crucial for safety.

What is anti-skid surfacing?
Anti-skid surfacing, also known as high-friction surfacing, is a specialized material applied to surfaces that require high skid resistance. It is primarily used in areas where safety measures are necessary to prevent collisions, such as car parks and junctions. Unlike smooth and slippery surfaces, anti-skid surfacing provides a textured surface with significantly greater friction compared to asphalt. This reduces stopping distance and improves grip, ensuring enhanced safety.

How does anti-skid surfacing work?
Anti-skid surfacing is composed of an aggregate called calcined bauxite, which possesses exceptional anti-abrasive properties and resistance to polishing. During the application process, a binder is used to create numerous contact points with the calcined bauxite, resulting in a textured surface with a high degree of friction and improved grip. This textured surface, known as anti-skid surfacing, is highly durable and can withstand frequent road use without significant wear and tear.

Where should anti-skid surfacing be used?
Due to its ability to increase road friction and enhance safety, anti-skid surfacing is ideal for areas with a higher risk of road accidents and collisions. These areas may include:

– Car parks
– Pedestrian crossings
– Bus lanes
– Cycle lanes
– Sharp bends
– Junctions
– Pedestrian pathways
– Colored parking bays

What’s the difference between hot and cold anti-skid applications?
When exploring anti-skid surfacing options, you will come across two application methods: hot and cold. So, what sets them apart?

Hot application: In this method, the calcined bauxite aggregate is mixed with a bonding agent, typically a thermoplastic binder, at high temperatures.


Cold application: The road surface is first coated with a binder, and then the calcined bauxite aggregate is applied on top. The final result of the cold-applied technique tends to be slightly more durable and long-lasting than the hot-applied method.

What are the benefits of anti-skid surfacing?
Anti-skid surfacing offers numerous advantages over traditional asphalt surfacing, including:

  1. Quick application process: The laying process is relatively quick, causing minimal disruption to traffic.
    2. Enhanced safety: The grip is improved, reducing stopping distance and lowering the likelihood of collisions and accidents.
    3. Long-lasting durability: The surfacing is resistant to polishing and abrasion, resulting in a longer lifespan compared to standard asphalt.
    4. Versatility: It can be applied to any type or class of road, from small cycle paths to major motorways, as long as the road is in decent condition.

Why is Anti-Skid Surfacing Important?
Anti-skid surfacing provides a range of safety benefits for both vehicular road users and pedestrians. It offers visual and auditory warnings for various hazards, reducing speed and preventing sliding in hazardous conditions. The versatility of anti-skid surfacing makes it useful for traffic calming and separation purposes. Additionally, the aesthetic appeal of these products makes them suitable for those seeking decorative surfacing, with a choice of five colors.

Anti-skid surfacing significantly reduces the risk of skidding and slipping for both pedestrians and vehicles. Certain areas on the road, such as sharp bends when wet or frozen, can cause slipping or skidding. Therefore, it is crucial to have anti-skid surfacing in place in these areas. Other vulnerable areas include school zones, cycling lanes, traffic lights, junctions, crossings, and car parks. Covering these areas with anti-skid surfacing is of utmost importance to prevent skidding and slipping accidents.

Our anti-skid surfacing is designed to withstand high levels of traffic, various weather conditions, and other stresses such as fuels. Each surface has low levels of toxicity and is environmentally friendly. In addition to its practicality, our surfacing can also be used for decorative purposes, such as creating a basketball court. Both companies and domestic customers find our surfacing to be an attractive, cost-effective, and low-maintenance choice for driveways, car parks, and pathways. Rest assured, all of our anti-skid surfacing applications meet the highest safety standards.

Why Choose Us?
With years of experience in laying anti-skid surfaces, we have become experts in the field. We possess the latest equipment necessary for laying these surfaces, ensuring efficient and precise results. Whether your project is large or small, we are the expert team you can rely on to deliver on time.

We understand that cost-effectiveness and efficiency are important to our customers. That’s why we provide the advice and innovation needed to achieve the best results within your budget. Our team also offers expert on-site application advice, minimizing disruption to traffic and making year-round application possible. At Mactar, we are dedicated to providing top-notch marking and surfacing services to customers throughout Ireland.

For more information about our anti-skid surfacing services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.